LT103 OEM-xG

Radar Module

A complete micro-UWB radar module designed for SMD mounting for indoor applications.

The LT103OEM_XG is a convenient PCB with an LT103OEM already mounted and providing standard 2.54mm-pitch pin headers for the connection of the LT103OEM to a PC USB port via FTDI interface, for quick assessment of the LT103OEM performances or a rapid development of custom algorithms and applications.
It is provided with a GUI, C++ examples or Matlab/Octave scripts.

Embedded Antenna

FOV: ~(±60° by ±60°)

Communication interfaces

UART or USB (by means of common Serial-USB converter)


25mm x 40mm

UWB Regulations compliance


Maximum detection range:

10 meters (person moving)

Typ. power consumption:


Freq. range:

7.3GHz to 8.5GHz

Power Supply:

Typical 1.8Vdc to 3.6Vdc

Temperature Range:

-40°C to +85°C

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