Industrial and Automation for Industry 4.0

Machine-to-machine cooperation

ARIA sensors tracking capability “matches” the position of objects in an environment, monitors distance to the closest object and therefore allows for avoiding potential collisions during operations.
For short-range operations, maximum refresh-rate can be increased up to ≈ 10ms.
Processing sensors raw data with robot movements will furthermore provide a Synthetic Aperture Imaging of the environment.

Human-machine cooperation

Small-factor, high-resolution presence detection with tracking capability is required in industrial environments to exploit full collaboration between robots and human workers, both moving and stationary.
One of the main features required in such contexts is the imperative to locate and track any human presence to avoid any potentially harmful collision, regardless of smoke, fog, or smog.

Detecting the heartbeat, ARIA sensor can identify the presence, position and trajectories of people in an area and combine such information with a self-adaptable automated environment. It is possible, for example, to slow-down a machine if a person enters a “pre-alarm” zone or shut-down it in case of a “full alarm” zone.

Automation, savings and building management

Offices and industrial buildings can be equipped with ARIA low-cost sensors that adjust appliances (e.g. LED, HVAC) according to a desired usage profile.


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