Home, Office & Retail

Smart buildings

Thanks to ARIA sensors and their gesture-recognition feature, it will be possible to control building appliances such as lighting systems and air conditioning systems.
By means of a patented system, it will be also possible to adjust appliances according to a desired usage profile: user will be enabled, for example, to evolve your traditional switch plate in a touch-less switch or even in a touch-less dimmer, that will regulate light intensity accordingly.

Presence detection for smart control

ARIA modules empower for brand-new applications in homes, offices & retail.
The unique capability of detecting sub millimetric movements leads the way to brand spanking new applications, such as the detection of customers in hotels rooms, in shops changing rooms and in waiting rooms.

Security and technologies merging

ARIA UWB Radar modules rollout enables security and control systems. The user will be allowed to detect someone’s distance from a pre-set point and activate control measures accordingly.


Home, Office & Retail