About us.

ARIA Sensing is an Italian company devoted to research, development, design, and commercialization of Ultra-Wideband devices and solutions.

Our team has a >15 years long experience in the design and manufacturing of UWB Radars and Antennas and RF Circuits, ranging from Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuits in sub-micrometer CMOS and BiCMOS technologies to RF&MW PCB boards and planar directive UWB Antennas for pulsed and continuous-wave radars.

With a state-of-the-art RF laboratory, we’re able to deliver turnkey solutions from the design up to massive production for both serial and customized OEM products.


Advanced Ultra-WideBand radars for short-range applications.

Put at our customers’ disposal our longstanding experience on UWB pulsed radar technology and support the in developing state-of-the-art solution in different fields.


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