Health & Safety

Vital signs remote monitoring

ARIA sensors detect imperceptible movements, such as a person’s breath, accurately and from a distance.
Patient’s vital signs are detected with no need of sensors to be worn: 24/7 remote control is easily enabled.

Baby monitoring

ARIA sensors can be used for sleep monitoring and for the detection of babies’ unforeseen movements.

Assisted living of elderly people

UWB spectrum is ideal for this kind of monitoring, as its penetration capability allows to monitor vital signs even when sleeping on the side, or even though blankets. ARIA sensors can be therefore deployed to monitor “normal” walking-patterns, detection of unusual patterns or occupancy periods of a room 24/7 without the need of an operator to check routinely. These devices can be also settled to check, for example, for patient’s convulsions or falls from the bed.
Fall detection and early-assistance can be possible by means of our Ultra-Wideband radar technology at home or at a hospital facility.


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