Advanced Ultra-WideBand radars for  short-range applications

ARIA detection technology is specifically conceived and designed to offer its users unprecedented and unpaired performances in terms of Detection Precision and Resolution, Costs, Size, Power Consumption and Detection Reliability.

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Different tasks, one single sensor.

Exploitation of short RF pulses to enhance resolution in a low-power radar device.
Advanced antenna design to maximize radar performances and minimize form-factor.
Embedded processing for features extraction and application.
SMT-oriented design for easy integration in customers boards and applications.
High immunity to spoofing and anti-tamper

High precision & Low Power

ARIA Sensors deliver the most advanced radar technology to detect even the smallest details of the surrounding environment.
A wide frequency range available in the spectrum region below 10GHz enables the detection of high-resolution detection in a low-power sensor.


ARIA Sensors detection is not limited by opaque obstacles, weather conditions or illumination conditions.
Wood, bricks, concrete walls, plastic covers can be easily penetrated.
Fog, smoke, or rain do not affect the quality of detection.

Gesture recognition

ARIA Sensors can differentiate hands from body enabling gesture-recognition based applications.
ARIA empowers switching, dimming and control of home appliances.

Presence detection

ARIA Sensors detect also standing people without image acquisition, guaranteeing therefore maximum privacy levels.
Thanks to its unparalleled sensitivity ARIA sensors detect even breathing activity.



Security and Military applications


Industrial and Automation for Industry 4.0

Home, Office & Retail

Domotics lighting and smart buildings


People life and Health

Unbelievably small and effective.
Without any tag, you can detect people’s position and gestures. A breath, too. Thru-the-wall.

With its peculiar design, ARIA radars offer:

  • The highest resolution available for Location&Tracking devices.
  • High immunity to jamming and coexistence level.

Why UWB technology?
UWB radars are the optimal technological choice to accomplish the task of detecting persons and gestures.
A wide frequency range available in the spectrum region below 10 GHz enables the detection of high-resolution detection in a low-power, low-cost sensor.

Cover Sistemi exploits and optimizes this approach with an advanced antenna design resulting in the most compact UWB sensor in the world.

A radar device can:

  • Assess the presence of a target thanks to the detection of the reflected signal by the target.
  • Calculate the relative distance of the target, by measuring the Time Of Flight or the phase between the transmission of the radar wave and the reception of the backscattered one.

UWB belongs to one of the major radar families guaranteeing a very high resolution, mandatory when small movements are to be detected, such as chest movements during breathing).
Its relatively low-spectrum, if compared to equivalent-resolution radar working at higher frequencies, allows for better penetration capability and lower power consumption.

How does it work?

The transmitter emits a single burst of RF energy which travels into space and “hits” the targets in front of the radar → The targets reflect a part of the incoming energy (echoes) backward to the receiver → The receiver picks the reflected echoes and converts them to high-speed digital data, ready for processing → The receiver measures the Time-Of-Flight of Radar pulses to calculate the target position

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