Aria sensor

Core Technology

ARIA Sensing® for a better life

These sensors detect and track people in their environments. By allowing easy monitoring also for not-moving people, this unique technology overcomes other market-available sensors limit and raise the bar for new disruptive applications.

Core Technology

Radar Ultra-Wideband technology allows a perfect control of complex scenarios by means of larger bandwidth with respect to the other radar devices. Huge bandwidth means that you can detect sub-millimetre events, like breathing, in no time.

Every ARIA solution can be easily and quickly integrated into a wide range of applications. Thanks to a patented embedded antenna system, an onboard microprocessor and a full range of communication interfaces, a so revolutionary technology has never been so easy to implement.

Presence, position and speed

Detection is not limited by colours, shapes, movements or status changes but you can detect the real presence of a person. Time of flight technology in combination with Ultra-Wideband technology is the most efficient way to monitor at the same time position and speed of the targets.

Behavioral analysis and people counting

The ability to recognise exact positions, movement, timing and direction of a target, allow understanding what the targets do. For example, an alarm can be raised only if a target is approaching and not if just standing and go away in a short time. The signals are so clean that you can easily detect more targets at the same time.
ULTRA-HIGH RESOLUTION RADAR human centric active design

See through the walls

The Ultra-Wideband radio frequency signals can easly penetrate opaque obstacle like walls, doors, floors and more. Less than 1 Watt allows you to monitor an environment without the need for the physical device presence. Discreet and hidden systems can make a difference.

High reliability

No radar part movement, no interferences with other RF sources, fully integrated technology and the use of the most advanced technology make possible to overcome all the other detection system available on the market. We have more than 10 years experience on UWB pulsed radar technology and we support our customers in developing state of the art solutions in different fields.

ARIA Sensing®
Ultra High-Resolution Radar

Unbelievably small and effective. Without any tag, you can detect people’s position or a gesture, also a breath through the wall.

Why Now?
During the last decades, UWB radars were not easy to produce.   ARIA® Sensing fixed the previous limits, with new patented UWB solutions.   these Radars are now in mass production and can be easily used for several applications.


A new and incredible way to monitor people and control devices and spaces. With its peculiar design, ARIA radars offer the highest resolution available for Location & Tracking devices. Higher immunity to jamming and coexistence level.


Multi-target analysis, people counting and an effective pet-immunity feature, make it possible to create safe contexts by reducing false alarms.


Detection is not affected by dust, smoke or fog. Through the wall capability means that an Anti-intrusion sensor actually looking on the other side of a wall (being visually hidden from the attacker it is virtually impossible to tamper).


Dynamic behavioural analysis: not just detection but distance and speed measurements allow you to monitor what people do in the environmental, also for non-moving targets or just breathing.


ARIA devices are Ultra-Wideband radar sensors with unparalleled precision and accuracy. Working bandwidth greater up to 10 times respect to simpler FMCW radars like 24GHz or 10GHz.


Very small form factor, low power consumption and extremely lightweight: a single compact board includes: Transmitter and Receiver, Antennas, Power Supply Unit, On-board Elaboration Unit and Communication Interfaces.

Grant agreement

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 781027
Horizon 2020

More than 8 patents for inventions are the demonstration of the highest level of technological innovation.

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