Elderly people and patients monitoring

Care ARIA® Smart Sensor

Smart habits and behaviour monitoring, at home or in health facilities. Quick, easy and privacy proof system. Increase safety, savings and freedom.

Habits and behaviour


Critical situations

Sleep quality tracking



Every sensor can be easily installed in any room and they can run a web-cloud based or smartphone communication. The setup is automatic and the full system is scalable and modular depending on the needs. The environmental adaption and the situations management is assisted by embedded processing and by advanced Artificial intelligence algorithms.

  • Habits and behaviour monitoring, at home or in health facilities
  • Persistence notification in potentially critical situations​
  • Notification in case of not-presence at home​
  • Notification if person gets out or in case of a visit​
  • Sleep quality tracking​


The core technology comes from the ARIA sensing radars that, if compared to other camera based and microwave solutions, it enables an incredible way to monitor people, devices and environments without wearables. By means its unique design and performance, ARIA Sensing offers the highest resolution by combining privacy, low-power consumption  and effectiveness.

One sensor per room

Typical installation

Surface or Wall-mounted

Easy installation

Breath and Movement

Behavior monitoring


We know that different situation requires tailor made software and modes.

At ARIA Sensing we cover every technology task, from the hardware design and manufacturing up to the software development. Beside standard product we are happy to fulfil every user need, including consultancy for the requirements definition.

Real time

The Web App’s ecosystem displays the real-time situation of the monitored environment.

Push notifications and the comprehensive dashboard allow 24 hours of day safety.

Each sensor is automatically logged into your account. It is a fully scalable cloud-based system that doesn’t depend on the installed sensors’ quantity and requires just a web browser to work. Full data log available to check anytime the data history. Every room and place can be named to build-up the most suitable monitoring environment.