A new era of smart
control for people
and environment.

ARIA Sensing® for a better life

Do you know that traditional presence sensors can’t detect the true presence of a motionless person (e.g. sitting, sleeping, etc.) but just the movements?


Understanding the real presence and the behaviour of people is a disruptive feature to fulfil everybody’s needs in everyday applications.  


ARIA Sensing’s products are unbelievably small and effective. Without any tag they detect people’s position, gesture and also a breath. The joining in a single system of the unique and patented detection technology, together with embedded AI algorithms and a simple web interconnection, allow to target brand new privacy-proof services.

Aria Sensing by Cover Sistemi

Human centric
active design


People monitoring

Smart habits and behaviour monitoring, at home or in health facilities. Quick, easy and privacy proof system. Increase safety, savings, and freedom.


Buildings monitoring

Knowing the Real-Time presence in a building is crucial for Safety in case of emergency and Management. Simple and Privacy proof by-design sensors for Offices, Schools, Hospitals and more.


Intrusion detection

The market’s available alarm systems can be easy to elude. Advanced ARIA sensors have no limit, they detect people’s behaviour, and can be embedded into walls or objects.


Human-Machine Safety

Safety sensors in Industry cannot detect not-moving people inside dangerous areas but only their passage. ARIA’s sensors fully cover any presence risk and enhance safety limits.


Automotive and Driver Assistance

People full monitoring and counting inside and outside the vehicles. Movements recognition and new obstacle avoidance system also for UAV and UGV.


Home Automation and Smart Buildings

Automation never stops also during sleep. 24h real presence detection. No wearables, no tags, and no smartphone, you can really drive your home appliances in the most natural way.

Core Technology

Radar Ultra-Wideband technology allows a perfect control of complex scenarios by means of larger bandwidth with respect to the other radar devices. Huge bandwidth means that you can detect sub-millimetre events, like breathing, in no time.

Every ARIA solution can be easily and quickly integrated into a wide range of applications. Thanks to a patented embedded antenna system, an onboard microprocessor and a full range of communication interfaces, a so revolutionary technology has never been so easy to implement.

Real time notifications

The Web App’s ecosystem displays the real-time situation of the monitored environment.

Push notifications and the comprehensive dashboard allow 24 hours of day safety. Each sensor is automatically logged into your account. It is a fully scalable cloud-based system that doesn’t depend on the installed sensors’ quantity and requires just a web browser to work. Full data log available to check anytime the data history. Every room and place can be named to build-up the most suitable monitoring environment.

How does it work

Low-power and High-accuracy IoT radar sensor to sense the real presence of people and their behaviour in the environment.


The Radar emits an RF burst which is reflected by the human body presence detection, speed & target distance.


By measuring the distance hundreds of time per second, people tracking, behavior analysis and fall detection.


The accuracy is so high that it is achieved Breath detection, analysis of sleep and gesture.