Dev-Kit for Core Radar Module

The LT103OEM_XG is a convenient PCB with an LT103OEM already mounted and providing pin headers for the connection of the LT103OEM to a PC, for quick assessment of the LT103OEM performances or a rapid development of custom algorithms and applications.

Typical detection range
100 mW
Typ. power consumption
Freq. range: 7.5 GHz -8.5 GHz
Max allowed bandwidth for indoor
Single Power Supply
Wide range of Vdd from 1.8V to 3.3V
Temperature Range: -40° C to 85° C
Easily fits with extended industrial fields

Integrated Antenna

FOV: ±60° by ±60°

Elaboration unit


Communication interfaces



35mm x 50mm

Designed for

EU EN 302 065 and FCC 02-48 and KCC

Dev-Kit for Core Radar Module

The radar module is like a black box, every application requires specific protocols and interfaces to communicate with the environment. The radar has to be mounted on specific expansion boards.

LT103OEM includes

  • Patch antennas
  • RF tranciever
  • Micro-Controller
  • Standard algorithms
  • New algorithms dev. Tools
  • UART COM protocol
  • Third party electronics board, designed for the actual application
Aria Sensing by Cover Sistemi dev kit

By means of a standard FTDI cable (p/n C232HM-DDHSL-0) it is possible to easily connect the module to a PC. Are available specific scripts to provide the low-level communication between PC and LT103OEM_XG. Alternatively, a Windows User Interface program can be provided.

Security and Military applications


Security and Military

Industrial and Automation for Industry 4.0


Industrial and Automation for Industry 4.0

Domotics lighting and smart buildings

Home, Office & Retail

Domotics lighting and smart buildings

People life and Health monitoring


People life and Health



ARIA sensors can recognize the presence of moving and static people. High-resolution Ultra-Wideband Radars allow for detection of extremely small movements like Breath also behind a wall. Respect to other market available solutions this new technology ensures higher precision results, low power consumption in small form factor.


Ability to measure the position of people and object in an area. Unlike Doppler-based radar devices or other technologies, UWB pulsed radar can accurately locate and count moving and static targets. Since these devices exploit the widest UWB spectrum available on the market, a lot of new applications are available.


Since ARIA radars measure distances, it is easy to know direction, position and speed of peoples or vehicles. The sub-nanosecond pulses allow the speed detection, at the same time, slow movements (like a man breathing) up to very quick transitions (up to 300m/s).​