Security and Military applications


Indoor and security systems

ARIA Ultra-Wideband radar sensor can easily detect and track people inside rooms and indoor areas.

The small dimension and the low power consumption allow an easy integration in different way, also inside regular plaques switches.

No device windows or transparent area are required for the detection: you can hide the sensor also inside walls or into any device.

Rugged Pet-Human discrimination and impossible to tamper alarm systems.

Like for every ARIA solution, it is easy to overcome traditional limitations due to older technologies like 24GHz and 10GHz radar, PIR, Laser, CCTV also in combination.

These Radar sensors detect and track people and object in the environment.

Since the pulsed Ultra-Wideband can work on wide spectrum, the signals are very clean and are not disturbed by the changes of a monitored area, therefore it is easy to combine different type of signal processing algorithms to allow smart functions like a native behavioural analysis, pet-immunity or detect people only approaching in a certain area and not just walking around.

Detections are not limited by false alarm policies; no compromises are required.

In addition, thanks to the Through the wall capability, you can monitor outdoor areas from an indoor position.


Through the wall sensing

Traditional sensors need to be installed in the same area to monitor.

Therefore, the monitoring is affected by the environment and by the changing of the habitudes.

Hide a sensor means to know what happens in an area without physically be inside: you can drastically reduce any try to avoid the alarm activation and also make an effective nonvisible and non-jammable system.

Radar working is not affected by concrete, bricks, doors, ceiling, floors and by the most common walls typologies.

UAV and UGV applications

ARIA radar sensors have several applications related to Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV).

Thanks to the light-weight, a very low power consumption and a robust high frame-rate data reading, ARIA radar sensors can be used both for navigation purpose and for discovering or monitoring people and objects, also through walls.

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