Industrial and Automation for Industry 4.0


Machine to machine cooperation

ARIA sensors can be attached to moving parts such as robot-arms (few grams weight). While the part is moving, the ARIA sensors are able to detect objects in an environment and to avoid collisions.

The sensors can provide distance to the closest object to avoid collisions during operations. For short-range operations, the maximum refresh-rate can be increased up to 5ms. Environment Reconstruction Combining the raw data from the sensors with the known movements of the robot it’s possible to provide a Synthetic Aperture Imaging of the environment.

This 3D image can be used to check trajectories and re-calculate trajectories that would result in collisions.

Safety in working area

In a manufacturing plant it is required to ensure the best working conditions, ie: drive the equipment with a specific setup when the personnel is present, adjust the lights or in order to prevent the presence of people in dangerous areas.

Measuring the distances between a worker and the machine can be helpful to be sure of his presence and therefore for his monitoring.

Human machine cooperation

Human Machine cooperation is expected to enhance and broaden the role of automation in many real-world scenarios, like manufacturing, assembling, services and transportation. The results of this combined activity could be very important for the development of next-generation scenarios, but the safety of the workplaces must be ensured.

ARIA sensor can detect the presence, position and trajectories of people in an area and combine such information with a self-adaptable automated environment. For example, you can slow-down a machine if a person enters a “pre-alarm” zone or shut-down it in case of a “full alarm” zone.


Automation, savings and building management

In industry a lot of energy is wasted due the big areas to be managed.

For example turn on and off the lights when a forklift or a person enters in an area is not suitable if they need to stay to work in a certain position because the lighting will be automatically turned off after a while.

Monitor the presence instead of the movement is the right choice to solve these type of situations.

Many advantages also for Air conditioning, automation and more.

Security and Military applications


Security and Military applications

Domotics lighting and smart buildings

Home, Office & Retail

Domotics lighting and smart buildings

People life and Health monitoring


People life and Health monitoring