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Domotics lighting and smart buildings


Smart building and management

Presence monitoring (occupancy an not only moving): you can turn on the lights, an air conditioning system, video and audio application, computers and more – only if you are really present in the area.

If you have left the place you can decide to drive the devices as you wish. 

Common sensors don’t recognize the presence but only movements, so they cannot find static people like a sitting person.

Dynamic behavioral analysis and monitoring

Thanks to the combination of the different features, it is possible to have, in a single application, the detection of people moving or standing, the position, the direction, counting to drive the environment to best fit with the requirements.


People counting

Traditional counting sensor like IR or proximity device can’t properly detect the exact amount of people in case of a crowd.

Video system needs fine installation processes and must fit with privacy rules.

ARIA Ultra-Wideband Radar overcomes these limits by giving you reliability and anonymity for the users managing.

A lot of applications when you need to understand a facility’s traffic (arena, rooms, rush hours), staff allocation, monitor unusual traffic directions, evacuation plan during emergencies or just to improve customers’ experience based on a specific pattern for retail or museums.

Security and technologies merging

Not just like a security system, thanks to the native behavioural analysis, you can easily monitor what happens for example if someone is too much close to an entry point.

The sensor can detect the presence of people outside and understand if they are approaching or moving away.

It is possible to measure the distances and if, for example, someone stays too much close for a set time, it is possible to activate a deterrent.

Security and Military applications


Security and Military applications

Industrial and Automation for Industry 4.0


Industrial and Automation for Industry 4.0

People life and Health monitoring


People life and Health monitoring